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Is John Eldredge's book "Wild At Heart" worth reading?

I first heard of John Eldredge's book "Wild Heart" several years ago at a Promise Keepers conference.

It seemed to be a book saying that men all men were created by God to be adventurers and warrior types trying to save a fair damsel or something like that.

In this video, the publisher of the book, Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Co, reviews the book again, eight years after it was published and he tells what the book meant to him.  Because of his blogging, Twittering and other use of social media, I feel like I know Hyatt.  I really like him.

Given the hyper-challenging times we are living in, is this book worth a read?  Does Eldredge's message have a fresh relevance for men of today?  Who's read it out there and what did it mean to you?