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Michigan losing cops and firefighters because of state budget cuts

Because of fiddling with the state budget in the state legislature, Michigan communities are losing police officers and firefighters.  How?

A chunk of the taxes that you pay are sent to Lansing where a brokerage fee is taken out and then sent back to the local units of government which use these state revenue sharing funds to pay for police and fire protection.

With the dramatic shortages in the state budget, the state hasn't been able to pay its promised share of this program which means that local units will have to make cuts.

Add to this a state law which says that because police and firefighters can't strike over labor contract issues that pay issues must be settled by binding arbitration.  Whatever an independent arbitrator develops as a final settlement, it must be paid regardless of a community's ability to pay.

Read this Detroit Free Press column by Taylor Mayor Cameron Priebe on why you need to set your state lawmker down and get some answers.  It's a problem that will only mushroom and will affect residents right where they live.