I want to thank President Obama for helping this baby-boomer lose weight
Status report: Getting rid of my "baby-boomer belly"

As an older baby-boomer, I'm just starting my prime learning years by using WordPress and Thesis Theme

I'm a non-techie who took to blogging a few years ago and who would get nervous and start shaking at the prospect of working with any kind of code or computer language stuff.  

I figure that I'm of average intelligence who has always had a phobia for numbers and anything to do with algebra or geometry.  It was just a few years ago that I started feeling comfortable with making change in my head.

Being in this new baby-boomer, retiree phase of my life I face the challenge of keeping the neurons in my head working to stave off the consequences of not using what you have.  I'm talking about forgetting names and other things that lead to that big road to nowhere called dementia.

That's where Word Press and the Thesis Theme come in.  Word Press is a blogging platform where one version has to be hosted or put on your own server space and a theme is an infrastructure both seen and unseen for a blog.

Using both requires a certain level of technical understanding and skill.  My personal challenge is to learn how to use both Word Press.org and Thesis Theme.  How far can I go?  Is it possible for a 63-year-old to learn how to cascading style sheets with proficiency?  Can I reach a level where somebody will offer me bucks to build them a blog?  

I've already done some consulting to help certain folks get started with blogging using a different platform and helping them understand content strategy and other related points.  But, combining this with the WordPress.org set-up skills would take me to another level.

My status report:  I have my test blog-BloggingWithWes.net up on my own server space and I'm starting to learn the nuances of the Thesis Theme.  If you are a retired baby-boomer what are you doing to continue life-long learning?