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Baby-boomer belly report: Here's what I've lost so far using Weight Watchers Online for Men

This summer I knew I was playing "risk factor roulette" with the extra weight I was carrying.  By being overweight, I was volunteering for trouble that could land me in the ER and make me a regular in the doctor's office and neighborhood pharmacy.

That's why I joined Weight Watchers Online at the end of July and recruited super-wife to do the same to be a diet buddy. 

It's working.  This morning was weigh in and it showed that I've lost 13.8 pounds since I started.  This morning, it showed a modest weight loss for the past week of .2 pound. 

We are walking, something that's becoming more challenging as the weather changes and gets more ugly in our part of the country.  But, we continue this journey, one that will have to become a permanent part of my life.