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Baby-boomers: How did you prepare for your 45th high school class reunion?

My memories of my graduation from high school are pretty hazy.  It was 1964 and I was concerned about two things, avoiding the draft to stay out of Vietnam and going to the local community college. 

The 45th anniversary of that occasion will be celebrated in less than two weeks and I feel unsure about how to prepare.  Why?

I'm not sure that I am ready to see how old I am getting.  By looking at classmates at my class reunion, I 3871377818_9b19a55045_t can see myself and see how many times the clock has gone round and round and round and that I'm a long ways from the days of walking through the halls of my high school.

Because I moved out of town right after community college, I didn't stay in close contact with old classmates.  Our lives went in a variety of directions and mine pointed me away from my hometown.

I know that I'm getting to the age when my mom was there I thought she was really old.  Do any baby-boomers who have celebrated a 40th or 45 high school class reunion have any advice about how to thrive and enjoy that kind of event?  Questions:

  • Should I spend some time studying my senior yearbook?
  • Should I be prepared for a classmate who looks really old and walks with a cane or a walker?
  • How do I handle the person where I know the name and the face from 1964, but can't put the two together in 2009?
Did you find your 45th reunion enjoyable?  I went to my fifth and it was a blast.  I went to one or two after that.