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Can you explain why you don't want the University of Michigan to win on Saturday?

I've lost my passion for the Michigan State University versus University of Michigan football game that will be played on Saturday.  But, at age 63, I will have a big smile on my face if the Spartans win in East Lansing.

For me and many others, it's the only game that counts during the fall.  The Spartans could lose every other game, but the whole season hung on what they did against the Wolverines.

The serious smack talk about the two teams got virulent when I was a teenager and young adult.  For that game, political partisanship would be set aside with fans verbally clubbing their opponents.

I remember telling my daughter that I would accept her going to the University of Michigan, but she would have to foot the whole bill herself.  She saw the smile on my face knowing that if she went there I'd have to hold my nose everytime I went on campus.

That's why I read this story in today's Free Press with nodding agreement and a smile.  Can MSU players still be motivated beyond other games to play the U of M?

On Saturday, super-wife and I will have the television on and a bottle of Great Lakes Red open and watch until the end.