Our street on the morning of 9/11/09 as we remember eight years later
Starting my Monday in Michigan

From a Michigan church leader, Pastor David Maier: Where was God on 9/11?

Pastor David Maier, the new president of the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod,  has a lot of "street credibility" when it comes to having your hope challenged.  His was twisted and turned inside out when a few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer right after his teenage son was found to have brain cancer.  His world was rocked.

That makes his insights about the uncertainty eight years after 9/11 worth reading.  Our economy is on life support and there are huge divisions among our citizens on just about everything.  There seems to be few places to set a life anchor.

In his post on his blog Fighting Forward, he writes about  9.11 ... A Day of Terror ... and HOPE, and recalls that fateful day that took so many lives and he writes about the lack of hope that seems to be permeating so much of our lives.

He turns to the Bible and what happened to the Apostle Paul and what happened to him. 

So where was God on 9/11?  He was there.  He provided hope then as he does now.

Anybody not see God's hand in what has happened and what continues to happen?

Dave maier