John Piper, pastor and author, Twitters on Obama school speech and abortion
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I want to thank President Obama for helping this baby-boomer lose weight

In mid-July, I knew I had to do something about being overweight.  It's something I've wrestled with most of my adult life as I've gained and then lost and gained again.  As somebody in his early sixties, I knew I was  playing with a risk-factor that could be very unforgiving.

I knew I was already paying a price with knees that hurt and an ankle broken years earlier starting to hurt more.  Getting my belt to buckle was becoming experiential.  I knew the time had come.  But one3668047000_24d830cd9e_m  factor pushed me over the edge.

I need to credit that to President Obama and other very-liberal Democrats who want to nationalize healthcare.  

Having spent most of my life around government in some way, shape or form, I know that it does very few things well.  Quite often, it makes worse what it's trying to make better.  Continuing on a path of undisciplined eating, I knew that I'd be volunteering for serious health consequences and making myself possibly a baby-boomer customer of a government run health system.  I'd rather spend my time doing other things.

So super-wife and I joined Weight Watchers Online.  Let me stipulate that she doesn't need to lose weight, other than a few pounds that would get her to the right weight for her height and age. However, I needed to lose 40 plus pounds.

We are doing it.  Since mid-July, I've lost ten plus pounds and using the Weight Watchers program I'm looking forward to getting to my goal and staying there.

I need to thank my wife, of course, for her help and support.  But Obama and his liberal healthcare agenda helped push me over the edge in taking more responsibility for my own health.