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I'm still not convinced that Canadians like their healthcare system

I know that my liberal friends who want a single-payer healthcare system in this country will probably shake their heads and call me a "wingnut."  But, I'm still not convinced that Canadians are happy with their healthcare system where the government supposedly picks up the tab for everything.

They point north to Canada which they describe as a land flowing with free healthcare for everybody and where nobody is denied for anything.

Then you read info like this presented from the Mackinac Center which states that the average Canadian struggles to find a primary care physician who will take them on as a patient.

Are my liberal friends out in some ideological la-la land that doesn't represent reality?  Or will they come back and say the Mackinac Center is a tool for the far-right?

Who is right?

I'm not inclined that government can do anything better than the private sector, other than the responsibilities outlined to them in the U.S. Constitution.

What good is free medical care if you can find a primary care physician?