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PBS series on baby-boomers, Life-Part 2, looks like a must see

Are you a baby-boomer, somebody born between 1946 and 1964 and somebody who is looking at life through a different lens maybe the bottom of an Aleve bottle? 

As member of the first class of baby-boomers born in 1946 who retired at age 58 who has been searching for more understanding of this period of life, I will be watching the PBS Series, Life-Part 2, which starts on Sep. 16. 

The topics covered in each show seem relevant in looking at boomers and marriage, finding purpose, dealing with the generation gap, dealing with doctors and dealing with your spirituality.

I learned this from an e-mail I received yesterday from Nick Watts of Twin Cities Public Television where the series is being produced:

"I’m writing from the national PBS series Life (Part 2) which premiers nationwide this fall. (check local listings.)  Our series connects with the 78 million strong baby boomers who are unlike generations before them.

"They are fitter, will live longer, will look better, will earn more, and will be more active than any generation before them. But are they ready for Life (Part 2)?

"How they are dealing with aging, and how they can overcome the societal, physical and financial obstacles that come with it to live a vibrant and fulfilling second part is the focus of this timely and groundbreaking series."

First part of the series this season will be shown on Sep. 16.  I called our local PBS station, WKAR in East Lansing, and they couldn't confirm it would be shown locally.

For more info, heres:  The show's Facebook Fan Page, it's Twitter page and its website.

Here's a promo from YouTube: