From a Michigan church leader, Pastor David Maier: Where was God on 9/11?
Starting my Thursday in Michigan

Starting my Monday in Michigan

Sun's coming up here in mid-Michigan as I get the day started by some online reading.  My links:
  1. Legacy for our kids:  Our Daily Bread's devotion for today is about the importance of teaching your kids and grandkids about your beliefs in God.  Using those teachable moments can be one of our greatest legacies, it says.  The daily devoitional is published by Radio Bible Class.
  2. Zipcar car-sharing comes to Ann Arbor: Detroit Free Press story reports about how Zipcar is being received in Ann Arbor and describe it as part of the reconfiguring of transportation modes in this country.  East Lansing may be next to get it.
  3. Detroiters must take responsibility:  Detroit Free Press reports how Bill Cosby, the actor, is taping public service announcements for Detroit Public Schools and how city residents must take responsibility for improving their own city.  
  4. Another new quarterback for Detroit Lions Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom grades rookie quarterback Matt Stafford by giving him an "ok."  The quesiton:  Can Lions win one game this year?
  5. Detroit casinos show declining revenue:  The Detroit News says, the recession seems to be affecting Detroit's three casinos with declining revenue.  Good story about their status.
  6. Michigan teenagers serving life in prison:  Detroit News tells about the 346 Michigan teenagers serving life in prison which is raising all sorts of dilemma's and frustrations for the system and for policymakers.