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PBS series on baby-boomers, Life-Part 2, looks like a must see

Status report: Getting rid of my "baby-boomer belly"

Earlier this week I posted about how super-wife and I joined Weight Watchers online.  Let me be clear I'm the one with the baby-boomer belly as I heard it described on a preview to an upcoming PBS series "Life (Part 2)" which I will write more about very soon.

Knowing that major changes in healthcare are probably coming and knowing that in two years I will be on 3871377818_9b19a55045_t Medicare, I knew the time had come to make a major and lasting effort to get rid of the belly.  I realize that I have been playing with an explosive risk factor that could send me to an ER and make me share my somewhat limited income on prescription co-pays.

Wednesday is our weigh-in morning.  This morning I woke up at 4 to go to the bathroom and while up I thought I'd step on the scale, a new Homedics from Bed, Bath and Beyond that we purchased in mid-July.  I can move it to anywhere on the floor and the weight will stay the same.

At my first weigh-in I was up .9 of a pound.  I went back to bed thinking "Oh crap" I gained weight.  I got up around 6 and weighted myself again after going to the washroom and I had lost a little over a pound plus.  I'll take that.  So far, since July, I've lost 10+ pounds. 

We are walking everyday.  I will be writing more about this during the week.