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I am now a 63-year-old baby-boomer

Super-wife and I say "yes" to movie "Julie and Julia"

One of the nice things about being baby-boomer retirees is the ability to make a spur-of-the moment decision to see a movie which is what we did today.

Julieandjulia We took a stab in the dark by going to see "Julie and Julia."  Our connection to the subject matter, famous cook Julia Childs and a wannabe Julie Powell was tenuous at best.  If being a foodie meant being regular watchers of the Food Network's "Diner, Drive-ins and Dives" then that was us.

Walking out of the movie, we both had a smile on our face and acknowledged that we liked the story and the way it was portrayed with two women being connected through a cookbook.

I was never good at book reviews and certainly not at movies.  Usually, my main criteria is liking the story. 

It was a mashing together of Julia Childs as she started her cooking career during the late forties and 30-year-old Julie who felt a special kinship to Julia through her famous cook book about french cooking. 
She decides to get closer to her cooking mentor by cooking every dish in Julia's cookbook and then blogging about it.

The task was gigantic, but in the process Julie found her identity and gained a ton of notoriety for her efforts.

Would I like to see it again when it comes out on DVD?  Definitely.  Good story.  

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