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Can you enjoy God in Michigan?

Mark Batterson is a young pastor in Washington D.C. who I've heard a couple of times while visiting our son.

On this gray, ugly day with the cold rain, it's easy to think about stepping on a warm sunny beach in Florida.

Then there's all the political ugliness at the State Capitol where there seems to be a death wish for our great state.

What's to enjoy Pastor Mark?  In his blog post today, he says "enjoy God."  

Stay away from the when/then syndrome, he says.  For a baby-boomer like myself, it's easy to think that life will be better when we winter in Florida or when the Republicans take over the world or the Democrats?

He says enjoy the journey and enjoy God:

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow. Why? Lots of reasons. But one of them is this: so you don't waste emotional energy on things you cannot control. Don't waste guilt on yesterday or anxiety on tomorrow. Spend today's emotional energy on today!

I need to process his advice.  Is it possible to do what he says when you feel like you're going through a meat-grinder?