Question: How many jobs did federal stimulus money create for Michigan?
Is it safe to go to church in Michigan this morning?

Did I wear a coat and tie for my PBS "Off-The-Record" appearance?

I left the Off-The-Record studio at WKAR-TV in East Lansing with a regret.  I wish I and the viewers had a chance to become better acquainted with the other bloggers on the panel.

Why is this important?  Well, it was fun, in a way, to show some partisan bravado, but the two bloggers who represented the liberal Democratic side are real people with a story to tell.  And I think that gets lost in a fast-moving discussion of volatile state issues.

If I knew them better and vice-versa, perhaps, we would find that we had more in common about how Michigan needs to deal with its budget quagmire where the state is close to falling over a partisan cliff.

I think that challenge symbolizes the larger problem in the state where both partisan sides fail to make the effort to understand each other and find a middle ground so government can move forward and the state can recover from its free fall into economic oblivion.

About the show, it will go up on the WKAR website at noon today and will start its broadcast on PBS stations tonight.  I invite your comments on this blog.  Be nice.

No I didn't wear a tie, but I wore a blazer with a nice L.L. Bean shirt.  When will I wear a tie again.  Umm. . . maybe never.