Michigan is a "state of strife", says morning newspapers
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Did Michigan dodge the state budget bullet?

Gov. Granholm has signed the last of the budget bills, according to this morning's Detroit Free Press.  There will be no government shutdown at the end of the month.  What does this mean?

Are the budget battles over in the Michigan Legislature?  Questions at the top of my list:

  • Just what was cut and how will these cuts specifically affect local areas?  Don't count on the news media to provide that information in this age of minimalist reporting.  Areas to look at include local schools and local government which both depend on state aid.
  • What are the best forecasts that more cuts will have to be made again this fiscal year?  State revenues are falling fast, we are being told.  What are the forecasts saying and what further cuts are being discussed?
  • What are your state legislators doing to explain all this?  Everybody in Michigan has a state representative and a state senator.  How visible and accessible are they to talk about these issues?  How knowledgeable are they about the state budget?

Part of a state legislator's job is to be an educator for their constituents.  They need to explain what happened in Lansing and what it means for local and state services and for how much tax your pay.

How would you rate your state legislators in doing this?