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Here's how mid-Michigan schools are being affected by school aid cuts and vetoes

Lock Gov. Granholm and Sen. Bishop in a room and throw-away the key

Michigan's "burning" while its political leaders are thumbing their noses at each other. 

It's continuing this afternoon between Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and Gov. Jennifer Granholm with threats and counter threats.  The governor used her line-item veto to take big chunks of school aid money away from affluent school districts.

She's being warned by Bishop to not veto anymore and use that as leverage to raise taxes.  The Detroit Free Press reports his admonition to the governor and also reports that the governor will have a news conference later this afternoon.

How about trying this?

Put the two of them into a cheap tacky motel room without a john, lock the door and tell them they're not getting out til they have a deal. 

Voters of all stripes need to start hollering at both of them.  Or they should be replaced. Enough is enough.

This is doable. Both sides will have to compromise.  The days of lots of state services are over with.  But certain ones need to be kept and enhanced. 

If our leaders can't do this, then they need to step aside and let somebody who can get it done.