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MICHIGAN UGLY: State budget meltdown continues with Gov. Granholm school aid veto

What's happening at the Michigan State Capitol right now is just getting downright ugly.  The lack of relationship between her and the State Legislature is billboarding to the nation our state's inability to govern itself.

The latest installment is reported in this morning's Detroit Free Press which reports about her line-item veto of portions of the state school aid bill.  With the school year underway, she singled out the school aid for the more affluent school districts in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties.  She cut the extra state aid these districts have gotten because of their higher tax base.

This is added to the $165 per student cut which will be made to all school districts.

What's the answer?  

The state of Michigan needs to adjust that its economy will never again, at least not for a long time, produce the revenue to pay for all the services it has.  Will increasing taxes on individuals and families and on businesses be an incentive for growth?

I don't think so.