Did Gov. Granholm have to make state school aid cuts?
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Saginaw's State Sen. Roger Kahn explains more about MI state school aid battle

Michigan's state school aid battle is confusing and hard to understand for the person who's not involved in the issue at the State Capitol.  Here in the grassroots we are hearing a variety of voices, one side saying that taxes have to be raised to support local schools and the other saying the money's there and has been appropriated.

State Sen. Roger Kahn, a Republican from Saginaw, added this explanation on my Facebook page.  It's helpful, I think.

Roger Kahn

There was revenue passed from the senate that the House has not taken up that addressed the shortfalls. The shortfall occurred because the original budget was rejected in the House because they wanted more money.... The budget was renegotiated and 100M was added ( covered by the senate revenue) and... now the House has not passed the revenue source... Very dissapointing.

Michigan legislators need blogs where they share more about what they are doing and what they are thinking.  There's a real need for real transparency and not the phonied-up variety that just serves partisan purposes.

Thank-you Sen. Kahn.

How are your schools in the Saginaw area affected?

Anybody else have a word of explanation?