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Weight Watchers Online: Does it continue to work for me?

It's "Weigh-in Wednesday" here in our household where we step on our Homedics scale to see where we stand in our effort to pare off pounds using Weight Watchers Online.

My motivation for doing this is simple.  I'm sixty-three and too many of the guys I know have had heart attacks, strokes or stents put in coronary arteries.  I'd like to avoid that by dialing down on a big risk-factor, being overweight.

I started knowing that I had what seemed liked a half a ton to lose.  My super-wife joined me in the effort to help me reestablish and refocus my eating habits. 

It's working as we are more careful about what we eat, but not fanatic.  We still have a glass of wine when watching the city council on tv, still have sweet potato french fries on occasion, but we eat a Veggie Delite when we go to Subway.  We've even gone to a few buffets where we picked carefully and recorded what we ate.

What did the scales say this morning?  Here's my chart with the latest: