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Will Lansing voters lose becaue of Mayor Virg Bernero being a no-show at WLNS TV6 debate?

4022463013_9e13e17608_o I share the disappointment of City Council-member Carol Wood about Mayor Virg Bernero being a no-show at this Tuesday's debate at WLNS TV 6.  This debate was being anticipated by local voters because of its accessibility on a popular local television station.

The election on Tuesday, Nov. 3 will decide who leads Michigan's Capital City which hangs on the edge of a financial cliff as the city budget continues to greatly contract from reduced state aid and local tax collections.

I share a  Flip video clip of Wood's reaction on the Lansing Online blog where she shares her disappointment with the Mayor's action.  

There's local buzz that Wood is within the statistical margin of error for unseating the city's incumbent mayor.

It's one less chance for a wide-number of Lansing voters to view the candidates and watch them as they sort out their positions on the issues and share their vision for Lansing.