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Would it help if Michigan churches started praying for the state legislature and legislators?

The state of Michigan is in trouble.  Everybody knows that our leaders in the state legislature have dug a hole that's getting deeper and deeper and harder to escape.

I wrote earlier that there was no apparent answer and that the state faces more trouble because of its seeming inability to govern itself.

I'm wrong.  There's an answer outlined in this post from Pastor David Maier, the new president of the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  In his blog, Fighting Forward, he calls on every church in our state to pray for legislators and he then outlines how people can pray for them.

The answers and the roadmap out of this morass that we've created for ourselves can only come from one place and we're not talking about a political party or an earthly leader.  It will come from God and his power, his mercy and his compassion.

Any thoughts?