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How long will it take Lansing (MI) City Hall to respond to water main break on our street?

UPDATE: The response from the city of Lansing to my concerns was impressive.  I write about it in my neighborhood blog, Southwest Lansing and my neighborhood.

Two houses down there has been water gushing up on a city street from a valve linked to the water main.

My neighbor called more than 12 hours ago and city workers only place a orange traffic cone over it.

In this day of scarce financial and natural resources like water, it seems like a waste where the continued leak could get worse and develop into a problem affecting the whole neighborhood.

Taking this video and writing about it on this blog and on my neighborhood blog is part of my due diligence as a resident to let city officials know that this needs attention.  What's an appropriate amount of time to wait for a response resulting in a fix to the problem?