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I'm expecting . . . our first grandchild!

4083272288_00b4586ce8_m Got the news yesterday: Krista, our super-daughter, is pregnant with our first grandchild.  Wow!  Super-cool.  We are excited for her and for our son-in-law Adam.

Gladys and I were vibrating with excitement after we got the news yesterday.  Super-wife was off tutoring when our pregnant daughter called and told me.  I was looking out our living room picture window when she dropped the news.  My smile had to light up our portion of our street. 

We are ready.  For me, thinking about myself as a grandfather has been a transition.  A few years ago, I never thought of myself as being old enough to be a grandparent.  Now I can see clearly that I am and I can see that I can revel in my new role.

Any advice out there for expectant grandparents? 

I thank God for my family, my wife and my kids, including Adam, my son-in-law.  Now our family gets bigger with a baby.

I've been practicing in my head what I will be saying to my friends.  "Hey, let me show you pictures of my grandchild."  It sounds pretty good.

I'm going to like this.  And to Krista and Adam.  Enjoy every minute of it.  It's a real "wow" experience to do something like this together.  Take it all in.