Here's our Thanksgiving table for 2009
Here's our family 2009 Thanksgiving picture

My Sunday a.m. online reading

I'm using my son's wi-fi to do some Sunday morning reading while everybody else is sleeping.  Here's what's catching my attention:

  • Our Daily Bread:  Bill Crowder writes about driving by a church that called itself The Galatia Church.  It's a quizzical name given the names Biblical background.  It makes a point for anybody who feels they can please God with their own efforts.
  • Washington Post:  Story about D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and how he's lost approval among locals with his arrogant style and his moving away from a promise of inclusion and transparency.  Nevertheless, the story says he has been able to make promised changes.  
  • Detroit News:  Columnist Nolan Finley dives into the fray between the Michigan State Senate and Gov. Granholm over the state's Promise Scholarship.  He says the scholarships to high school graduates could be funded by giving state employees raises to those going to college.  Granholm wants tax increases.
  • Detroit News:  Columnist Thomas Sowell writes about how history shows that the promises being made by politicians about reforming healthcare cannot be kept.  Is this true?
  • Wild Birds Unlimited:  Great post from a local store's blog about whether birds can predict the weather.  Birds, the post says, have a middle ear receptor that can sense small changes in barometric pressure.  Amazing.  It all started on the fifth day when God created them.