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I stepped on the scales this morning as part of my Weight Watchers Online program and found that I lost a pound this past week.  This takes me to just about twenty pounds down since I started at the end of July.

I started this as a member of the first-class of baby-boomers and knowing that being overweight was a big risk-factor for stuff I don't want to mess with if I can help it.

Doing this has not been hard.  I eat ordinary food, but I keep track of what I eat to stay within a number of points assigned to me for each day.  I do this online using either my computer or my iPod Touch. 

To reach my goal, I still have to lose another 20 pounds to reach the maintenance part of this which may be harder than taking it off.

I'm sharing this as an encouragement to others who face the need for weight loss and to keep myself accountable.