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#2-Our Christmas newsletter: Taking our new Honda Civic on a road trip to Destin, Florida

#1-Our Christmas newsletter: Introduction and our backyard bird sanctuary

I'm having trouble listing and sorting through all the things that Gladys and I did this past year and what we would like to specially share in our Christmas newsletter.  My plan is to put items that come to mind in blog posts, sort through them and produce a hard copy summary.  I will also try to find pictures as I go along.

This past year we became bird people.  In the spring, we started seeing all these different birds in our backyard.  When we've had bird feeders in the past, it was the squirrels who had the feast and not the birds.

In East Lansing, we found Wild Birds Unlimited where they sell bird feeders that are squirrel-proof.  They have various models to let squirrels know that they don't belong on your feeder.  They get twirled or dropped to let them know.  We got one and then another.

Our Michigan bird book is on the kitchen table and we use it.  We've put a few hundred pounds of seed through our feeders.  

A question:  What day during the creation did God create birds?

I'll try to find backyard pictures and then post them.