#1-Our Christmas newsletter: Introduction and our backyard bird sanctuary
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#2-Our Christmas newsletter: Taking our new Honda Civic on a road trip to Destin, Florida

This is the second post about possible items for our Christmas newsletter.  In 

Just before Easter, we took our new Honda Civic built in Indiana on a road trip to spend a few days with my aunt and uncle in Destin, Florida.  They have a beautiful home that's a mile or two from the Gulf of Mexico and they had invited us several times before.

It was fun and it was a positive reinforcement for our empty-nest status.  We really enjoy doing stuff together.  Memories that stand out include staying overnight in Cullman, Alabama, another small town in the southern part of that state where we ate sweet potato french fries for the first time and where we developed a real close relationship with our GPS.

One of the best parts was staying with my Aunt Aileen and Uncle Ron.  They're really neat people who are in their 80's.  My uncle still plays golf, has a Facebook page, has other web presences and who designed his new house.  He was one of the first Apple dealers in the country.  He's also a World War II vet who I interviewed with my Flip video camera while we were down there.

On the way back, we celebrated Easter in Indianapolis with Krista, Adam and Justin.  Title of the sermon on that Sunday, "Easter-so what?"

I will dig out a couple of pics from that trip.