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My Wednesday a.m. online reading

It's 7:15 a.m. with MSNBC's Morning Joe on in the background.  Here's what I'm reading online:

  • Detroit Free Press--Story about GM's board pushing out Fritz Henderson as CEO and giving the job to Ed Whitacre.  New guy must be tough.  Check out quote from U of M business professor: "If it was Jesus Christ, he would have bowled him over."
  • Detroit Free Press--Hunt for long-term GM CEO will be tough because of the complexity of the company and the issues it faces.  A few names are mentioned, including:  John F. Smith, a GM group vice-president.  Anybody have other names?
  • Detroit Free Press--Auto columnist Tom Walsh says that now was the time to replace GM's Fritz Henderson if the company was looking at doing an IPO of the government's share of the company sometime next year.
  • Detroit News--Reaction from Michigan delegation to President Obama's plan to increase troop level in Afghanistan.  I was struck most by the lack of any reaction from U.S. Sen Carl Levin from Michigan who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • New York Times--Story about GM CEO change says the goal was to show change from the past corporate culture and to make product changes quickly.  It also says that the GM Board asked Fritz Henderson to resign.
  • Lansing State Journal--Story about how Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero wants $1 million in cuts from the city's police and fire departments.  The city provided few details which it said should be coming in a few days.
  • Lansing State Journal--Story about how Mayor Virg Bernero is mulling a run for Michigan governor.  He says state government has gotten too partisan and he mentioned that White House political operatives asked him if he was interested in running.