#2-Our Christmas newsletter: Taking our new Honda Civic on a road trip to Destin, Florida
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#3-Our Christmas newsletter-The day I met God face-to-face in Ada, Michigan

This is the third post of items I'm considering for our Christmas newsletter and it's about getting hit between the eyes by a reality that I need to be reminded of everyday.  The reality:  If I fit the pieces of my life together, I can see the presence of God and I can feel his hand directing me in my steps.

What am I talking about?

As you may remember from our last Christmas newsletter, we are no-longer card-carrying Lutherans.  We still believe strongly in the Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone theology of the church that bears Martin Luther's name, but we needed a change.  Our spiritual lives needed a kick in the pants where we could recalibrate our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Most recently, we've been attending Ada Bible Church just east of Grand Rapids where they've been on a 13-week series of sermons about the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul.  Jeff Manion, the teaching pastor, has done a great job of making this part of the Bible relevant to life right now.  

For the sermon series, the church has produced their own study guide.  On page 47, they invite people to:

"Think of the journey that has brought you to Ada Bible Church for this series.  Maybe it has been five weeks or five years.  

What evidence do you see of God's work in your heart?  

What are the events, encounters, friendships, questions, feeling, or mosings that you would chalk up to the "supernatural" side of your journey?"

I never thought of my life, especially my spiritual journey in that way.  When I did I could see the hand of God.  He's there and it's that relationship that's key to everything else.

I will put in more links to this later.