Time for a "faith check" as I get ready to start a new week
Harrison Ford visited our house just about every weekend

Continuing to get ready for church tomorrow

I'm continuing to work on my heart to get ready for church tomorrow.

I just printed this post from the Rev. Paul McCain on his blog Cyberbrethren who provided this excerpt from C.W. Walther, one of the founders of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, about the importance renewing your heart daily before God.

Now I admit that I can get lost in what I see sometimes as a lot of God talk that only theologians and theologically-oriented people can grab onto.  But, this quote seems to make sense given the context of where I'm at during this part of my life.  I just wish I would have given this more thought earlier in my life.

I need to recalibrate my heart spiritually everyday.  I know that I'm saved by what Jesus did for me in dying on the cross.  But, sin is still part of my everyday life.  I need to go before God everyday and confess it and start fresh.  I think I'll print this post so I can continue to think about the content.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?  Do you do this and how do you do it?