My morning routine and telling the truth
Would the world be better without Democrats?

How transparent can a politician be and still win?

Political candidates will come out of the woodwork here in Michigan in the coming weeks.

We will see some of their announcements on television, will see some of their websites, get their mail and, maybe, even meet them when they come door-to-door.

It should be a dynamic experience when we select who's going to represent us at the various levels of government.  But, it has transitioned into a bothersome exercise where candidates give as little information about themselves as possible, particularly with the "who, what, when, where, how, why and so what" about themselves and the office they are seeking.

Many of them will talk about transparency in government and about themselves and then move on to thumb-sucking platitudes about how they are for good schools, safe neighborhoods and more jobs.  And, that's it.

I want to know more about each one of them.  How about you?  I want to know about the values and the character of the candidates and I want to know about their knowledge of the process and of the issues.  I also want to know about how they will work in a legislative process that has built in frustrations, temptations and other obstacles which have tripped up many good people.

How damaging would it be to a political candidate to admit weakness about something?  Their knowledge of certain issues?  The interest groups that they take money from?  Their views about the issues?  When they make political decisions?  When they accept a freebie from a lobbyist?

Do taxpayers really want honesty with their political leaders and how would they react to it?

Do I speak from an experiential base?  Yup.