My New Year's Resolutions: I need to be physically fit
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My morning routine and telling the truth

image from Do you have a routine when you get up in the morning?  I do.

This morning I followed my usual Wednesday morning moves by grabbing the scales and weighing myself.  As a Weight Watcher Online member, this is weigh-in day.  Then I grabbed my Mac Book Air and then checked my e-mail and then went to the Radio Bible Class website.

My first visit there was to their devotional Our Daily Bread and then Daily Strength by Dr. Joe Stowell.  Why do I do this?  It's simple.  I need to get my heart and head pointed in the right direction--toward God--for the day.  I don't have the mental stamina to read through the Bible in a year like some of my online friends.

This morning it was RBC's online Daily Strength that got my attention.  It was based on Ephesians 4:25 about putting off lies and telling the truth.  He shares a story from his own life as a pastor of a small church where he lied to his Sunday School superintendent.  In today's culture, it would be something understandable and accepted. 

But, it really bothered him and he couldn't function right until he admitted what he did and asked forgiveness.  And that's what God would want us to do, according to that verse.

Then, he has application for everyday life.

I get it.  But, far too often I've ignored it and I think that's something I need to deal with.  Spending my life around politics, one was encouraged to shade the truth to favor your party, your candidate or your boss.  Most people would say it was understandable and acceptable.

But, God says its not.

About my weigh-in this morning, I had to move the scales three times until I got 210.6.  Otherwise, it would have been 211.8.  Which one should I record online?