A starting point for my baby-boomer New Year's resolution setting
My morning routine and telling the truth

My New Year's Resolutions: I need to be physically fit

I used to run when I was in my mid 20s to early 30s.  It started when I worked for former Michigan House Speaker Bobby Crim who was a runner of the first order.  His enthusiasm and encouragement got a lot of us to join him at the Downtown YMCA in Lansing.image from farm5.static.flickr.com

It was great because as I ran around that small track inside the building there were a lot of things happening.  It was 24 laps to the mile, so it wasn't hard to run a lap, run a few more and work your way up.  There were the social aspects.  Every morning I ran with lots of people from the legislature, various state departments and others who worked in the downtown area.

I ran in some races and enjoyed it and I felt good because I was fairly trim and I was fit.  And then my life went through various transitions and I found myself reverting to old habits and ouch, I had gained the it all back.

Now as a baby-boomer of the first class, my knees can hurt and so can an ankle where I have a plate with some screws.

During the summer, we walked outside on many days and now with the snow and the ice, I'm left with the treadmill and the mall.

I need to resolve to do it everyday where I break a sweat.

I also need to continue my journey on Weight Watchers Online which has helped me move from 238 to 210 with another 15 pounds as my goal.  That means watching and recording what I eat.

Two resolutions right there:  Walking and Weight Watchers Online.

What about you other baby-boomers?  Have you struggled with this area?  What are you doing or what do you want to do?