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Specific things to pray for in Haiti

My online reading before church

Here's what I'm reading online before we leave for church this morning:

  • Importance of respecting all of human life:  Our Daily Bread devotion this a.m. is based on Psalm 139:14 which says, "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."  This means God had a hand in creating everybody.
  • Blogger writes what he see's in Haiti:  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association blogger Jeremy Hunt writes about what he sees while following workers from his group's aid organization, including it's Rapid Response Team and Samaritan's Purse.
  • State's unfunded mandates cost locals:  MLive story reports how a state commission has found that the Michigan Legislature has mandated local units of government to pay for certain items without reimbursing them as required by state constitution.  Costs locals more than $2 billion.
  • Denise Ilitch's obstacles to run for governor:  She's from a wealthy family and she's an accomplished business person, but her ownership of a Detroit casino may inhibit her in funding her run for governor of Michigan, according to a Detroit News story.  State laws strictly prohibit where casino owners can give money to political candidates.
  • 82-year-old snowmobiler prepares for 3,700 mile ride:  This guy is a bright light for anybody who has a little age.  Check out his upcoming snowmobile ride in this Grand Rapids Press story, and why he's doing it.  Also check the blog tracking the upcoming trip.