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My son-in-law Adam called: OUR UNBORN GRANDCHILD, IT'S A BOY

Now I can be more specific when talking about my grandchild who's due to make an appearance sometime in image from farm3.static.flickr.com late June.

My son-in-law Adam called on the way home from the ultrasound and said our first grandchild will be a  BOY!  Now I can talk about my grandson.  "Let me tell you about my grandson."  "Have you seen the latest picture of my grandson."  "My grandson has a real head of hair."  So, as a first time grandparent, I can practice how the words roll off my tongue.

For a guy, sons are really special in their own way, as daughters are.  Having a grown son, I can speak from experience. 

Adam will be a great dad.  His son will see a real man in real life and will have somebody worthy to emulate.

My daughter Krista and her husband Adam are really special people and they will have a very super child, our grandson.  I'm excited.