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Celebrating a late Christmas with super-daughter, son-in-law and unborn grandson

This past weekend our daughter Krista and her husband Adam made the trek north to our home to celebrate a late Christmas.  They have been traveling during the past couple of months in preparation for moving to Bosnia and this was our first opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

It was great.  They are great and they are excited as we are about the birth of our first grandson sometime in late June.

Check out the three pictures:  1)  My Christmas gift from them-a Barry Goldwater t-shirt.  Yup, I go back to 1964 when he ran for president.  I'm a Goldwater fan.  2) Krista showing her pregnancy.  The baby's doing great and it's going to be a boy.  Names?  I vote for Rocky.  3)  An ultrasound of the baby.  Wow.  That's something we missed with our kids.  But, it shows there's a real live, healthy baby in there.

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