Celebrating a late Christmas with super-daughter, son-in-law and unborn grandson
"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews came at just the right time in my life

Getting something out of Ash Wednesday this year

I want Ash Wednesday to be different for me this year. In the past, I've gone to Lenten services more out of routine as something to get checked off my to-do list.

As I watch what's happening in this country and the world, as I am disappointed by our leaders and as I get further into being a senior citizen, I feel a strong need to be closer to God.  And I know the opportunity to do that has been set out in front of me for me to take because of what happened with Jesus Christ on the cross and on Easter.

Tonight, we will go to the Ash Wednesday service at Our Savior Lutheran Church on the Lansing and Grand Ledge border.  I know that the only real hope left in this world lies with Jesus Christ.  It won't come from within me or someone else. 

This blog post about Ash Wednesday from Pastor Paul Moldenhauer of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church is Walled Lake, MI,  is a good starting point.  I've been humbled by my lack of strength and I want to recalibrate my heart to focus it where it should be.  Anbody feel the same?  Differently?

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