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Is Weight Watchers Online still working for my baby-boomer belly?

Yes.  Weight Watchers Online is still working in my effort to lose my once very substantial baby-boomer belly.  When my knees were starting to bother me last summer and when a normal neighborhood walk was an effort, I decided the time had come.

Here are the stats:  When I started last summer I tipped the scales at 236 and last Wednesday, our scales said 207.  It works and I did it by everyday eating and by avoiding all the diet measures from the past that compromised my efforts.

Factors that made a difference include:

  1. My wife:  Even though she didn't have to lose more than a few pounds, she did the same exact program with me where we record on the computer what we eat along with point values.
  2. iPod Touch:  We both have a Touch and we make use of wi-fi at home and when we are out and record what we eat right on this device.  It's really easy.
  3. Skinny Cows:  We get these ice cream sandwiches at Sam's Club and eat them two-three nights a week and satisfy our taste for ice cream.  There are other Weight Watcher recipes where we can satisfy our need to snack, especially when watching television.
  4. Senior citizen-dom:  I realize that I'm at an age where the consequences of ignoring a risk factor can be very unforgiving.  If I go to the ER, I would rather do it because I dislocated something sliding into home plate.

Here are some of the challenges that lie ahead:

  1. Reaching goal weight:  I have a fear that once I reach that point that I'll relax my effort and I'll start to gain again.
  2. Exercise:  I've never by a physical fitness type.  I used to run for many years, but bad knees don't allow it anymore.  During the winter, I have to force myself to use the treadmill.  While using it, I enjoy watching MSNBC.  Maybe I'll get more informed.
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