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When shopping for a house do buyers look for spiritual vitality in an area?

Super-wife and I have been talking about the next chapter of our baby-boomer retiree life and we've been raising the question whether we want to move south and for many Michiganders that means Florida.

While sitting on our couch and looking out of our living room window at near zero temperatures, we've been talking about spots to move in the Sunshine State's Panhandle.  That includes the area around Destin.

We've looked at tax rates, police and fire protection, closeness to the path of potential hurricanes and various things that would go into resale value.

But what about the spiritual vitality of an area?  Are there churches where their positive presence is felt in the surrounding community?  We don't feel as tied to a denomination as we were when we were younger.  But, it needs to be Christian and that implies Christ-centered and Bible-believing. 

In our area here in mid-Michigan, it seems like churches are just there.  They hold services and some events. But, they don't seem to be leaving a footprint.

Shouldn't the presence of a church in an area or a neighborhood be felt in such a positive way that it affects real estate values?  What do I mean?  The love from the church and its people would be demonstrated in such a way that it would have a magnetic pull towards the area.

A neighborhood needs good schools, of course.  But aren't vital, dynamic churches just as important?