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It was 28 years ago today that I was introduced to the best job in the world

I can't believe that my favorite daughter, my super-pumpkin and the mother of my unborn grandson was born 28 years ago today on St. Patrick's Day.  The day means a whole lot more than consuming a Shamrock Shake at McDonalds.

I was introduced to the best job in the world, fatherhood.  It ranks far above anything I've ever done.  Why? For much of my life, the word dad or father made my stomach turn sour.  My dad flunked at being a father. Much of my life was defined by his absence.  I never saw myself moving into the father role.

Then I met the right woman who became my wife and the fatherhood adventure started.

The day was March 17, 1982 at Sparrow Hospital when I was in the delivery room with my wife who went through the labor and delivery experience like a champ.  Dr. Rajan announced that I had a daughter and I knew that I had another woman in my life, my daughter.

As an only child, I had held a baby rarely.  But when my daughter was born I had to force myself to give her up to my wife or to a nurse.  At the hospital, I took a class on how to diaper, bathe and wrap her.  When I did it, I felt more proud than any class I took in college.

Since then the memories are voluminous.  I was involved in the shaping and nurturing of another life. Hers.  Nothing beats being part of a family.  I love it.  I love her.

Two big memories from my life involve her.  I remember pushing her down the hospital hallway in a bassinet from the recovery room to the nursery.  Wow.  And then I remember walking  her down the aisle when she was married.  Another big wow.

Now she's going to be a mom in a few short months.

To my unborn grandson's dad:  Adam, enjoy every minute of being a father.  Whenever I doubt the presence and goodness of God, I just look at my kids, your wife and my son, Justin.

Happy birthday Krista and God bless the three of you big time.