Will our local churches be packed this Easter?
Something to think about while you're sitting in church today

Stuff to read when I get home from church today

Very shortly I will shift my attention to a bowl of oatmeal with bananas in it, a cup of Weight Watchers yogurt and a toasted english muffin and then a shower before I go to church.  Here's what I want to read when we get home:

  • Detroit Free Press story about how more than 500,000 homeowners in Michigan owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth and many are just walking away even though they can afford them.  I would rather read about the Detroit Tigers, but this is important.
  • Detroit Free Press story about what Michigan can learn from California about dealing with legal medical marijuana for health purposes.  A local marijuana smoking club has started in Williamston just east of Lansing.  More will come, I'm sure and they will be located near homes, schools and churches.  What can local government do to protect residents?
  • Grand Rapids Press story about Jeffrey Malmberg, a 40 year-old who is accused of killing his girlfriend's two year old daughter.  He tells a local reporter that he's not a monster.  This is part of a larger issue about how well kids are being protected by their parents and by the state.  
  • Cyberbrethren blog has a great post that's a reminder after I read all this stuff today that shows the struggles that lie ahead for everybody, including and especially here in Michigan.  Don't let the churchy language throw you.  Read it and then read it again.  Let it settle in before you toss it off as a bunch of God-talk.  I need to be reminded of what it says and what it means for my life.