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Stuff to read when I get home from church today

Will our local churches be packed this Easter?

These days it's easy to forget about Easter.  Here in Lansing (MI) there are plenty of churches and I wonder how many will be packed out on April 4 when the Christian church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.

My guess is that there will be more people in church than usual on Easter Sunday, but they won't be packed out.  Why?  

Given the fact that so many people are jumping from one thing to another for hope in the future, you would think they would grab onto the Easter message and not let go.  Look at the realities of today. People are struggling to find work and to make a living.  The prospects that this will get better are a toss-up at best.

I'm at the very front end of the baby-boomer generation meaning that in less than two years I will depend on Medicare for health care.  The future of health insurance has never been more iffy.  Social Security looks like its going to go bust which means that I need to find a replacement for that portion of my income.  And my life is easy compared to so many.  

Is Jesus and what he did on Easter the only real thing left that gives real hope that we can count on?  

Yes, yes and yes.

You would think that the people of the church would be going door-to-door inviting people for Easter.

If you're looking for hope, try it out. The hope is real and it's free.