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Be sure to read that piece of literature from a Michigan legislative candidate

I'm starting to see a few pieces of literature for Michigan legislative candidates.  In the August primary, we will select party candidates for both the state house and senate.

With our state's fragile economic condition, state legislators play an increasingly important role.  We pay them big bucks and we give them a lot of power.

For now, set aside the question of term-limits and just look at the content of the candidates' literature which is supposed to introduce you to them and who they are and what they stand for.

Whether Republican or Democrat, they usually hide their party affiliation, say they are for good schools, more jobs and safe neighborhoods.  And many will have a bulleted point about lower taxes and a good environment.

Do you find that to be enough information or are you left shaking your head feeling insulted that the candidate is avoiding real transparency? 

How can you make an informed vote without more information? 

My answer, "You cant."