I don't even know if there is a Ford dealer in central Michigan
Here's a template from the Ukraine for state legislatures around the country

But, how will my 85-year-old Aunt Aileen do with an iPad?

When I handed the iPad, Apple’s new tablet computer, to Jim Peterson, 79, I gave him the simplest instructions: “You touch something to make it happen. Don’t worry, you can’t break it unless you drop it.” Then I left Peterson and his wife, Barbara, 63, alone with it.

via bulletin.aarp.org

We recently spent a few days with my Aunt Aileen at Uncle Ron at their home in Destin, Florida. She's 85 and he's 87.

My Uncle Ron was one of the first Apple dealers in the country. Back then they were marvels of computing, even if they were housed in a big plastic box.

While visiting them with our son Justin had his new iPad delivered to their home. He's a chronic early-adopter eager to test new e-devices to see how they fit in his lifestyle.

He handed it Aunt Aileen and invited her to try it. He encouraged her to just push some icons. She loved it. Keep in mind, she's never taken to computers.

After they snow bird it back up north to Michigan, Uncle Ron is going to get her one.

How will she do? Will she become a senior citizen "geek-in-training" who can't wait to get a cool app?

I'll reporter her progress.

In the meantime, check these (in the above link) senior reactions to the iPad from AARP.