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Does Michigan's Carl Levin cheapen U.S. Senate with his "shitty" talk?

Michigan Sen. Carl Levin is sparking some blogger buzz this afternoon after some pointed questioning of officials from Goldman Sachs, repeatedly using the term "shitty deal."


When I was pressroom manager at the Michigan Capitol, U.S. Sen. Carl Levin was a frequent visitor. He would hold news conferences and kibitz with reporters.

He always came across as the epitome of propriety with his talk and his treatment of others.

But get him in a hearing room with Goldman Sachs executives and his talk deteriorates.

During a hearing today with the company's big dogs, he keeps describing their dealings as being "shitty."

Question: Does such talk reduce the level of rhetoric and the quality of response from those he questions?

Is the next step to use tactics in the Ukrainian Parliament where members solved their differences with a brawl?

Perhaps, he's trying to over identify with constituents back home?

What do you think?