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Greg Laurie says I need to turn my world upside down today

Greg Laurie made me feel uncomfortable this morning.

He's a pastor in southern California and I became familiar with him after hearing him at several Promise Keepers rallies around the country.  I get his daily e-mail devotion.

This morning's devotion was about how the church today has been permeated by the attitudes of the world unlike the early church which turned the world upside down.  Today's church has become flaccid and seems to have less effect than a pothole on a busy road.

He says the world needs to see Jesus Christ through each one of us who believe in him.  He writes:

The world needs to see a genuine man or woman of God living the Christian life. They need to see the real thing. In short, they need to see you. God can use you. Maybe you are not a preacher, but you can proclaim the gospel message through your life and through your words. You can turn your world upside down.

I'm very imperfect and I know it.  My only claim to worth is being a saved sinner.  My prayer this week is that I can reflect the love that has been shown to me by Jesus.