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Martin Luther must be seething about the Lutheran Church Missouri Syond

I presume that Martin Luther, the great church reformer, is in heaven.

And if he's looking down on earth at the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), he must be snarling at their defense about why they don't share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Look at this post from Pastor Paul McCain, one of the Synod's leaders, and check his explanation for why members don't share their faith.  "They lost their voice," he claims.  Pretty lame, I would say.

Do they believe what they preach and do they practice it?   Are they just talkers?  What does God's Word say about the talkers who are not doers?  The LCMS leaders would play their get out of jail free card and say they are forgiven for their lack of enthusiasm about the only true hope that exists.

Yes, I was born and raised into the LCMS and left within the past two years.  Its lethargy was becoming toxic to my faith and my belief in God.

I will have more to share about this down the line.