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My weight loss report: Baby-boomer belly going "bye-bye"

It's Wednesday morning, the time for our Weight Watchers Online weigh in where super-wife and I both step on the scales.  When I started this about nine months ago, two words seemed to dominate my thinking-"risk factor."

This morning "Mister Scales" said I had lost .2 of a pound.  I'm now at 205.2 with a total loss of a little more than 30 pounds.  My goal is to reach 195 and to stay there.

How has this affected my health?  I've dumped, at the doctor's suggestion, a low-grade blood pressure pill with a handsome co-pay and my knees don't hurt anymore.  I can walk easily and I can go up and downstairs without feeling stiffness and pain.

The secrets to making this work:  the desire to do it, my wife's support and a great, easy-to-use program with Weight Watchers Online.

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