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Explain "The Brothers of John The Steadfast" of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

The Brothers of John the Steadfast, brings together Lutheran laymen to defend and promote the orthodox Christian faith which is taught in the Lutheran Confessions, provide financial support for Christian new media (e.g. Issues, Etc.), and to support other endeavors selected by its membership that defend and promote the cause of confessional Lutheranism.


It's a simple question: How are "The Brothers of John the Steadfast" different from other members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

I've been reading their blog for a while and it seems like they've drawn up battle lines about those who are confessional Lutherans and those in the LCMS who are not.

I remember when I was confirmed into the church as a young boy and I had to pledge my fealty to the Lutheran Confessions.

These guys write like they've either going to war or already at war.

But for what?